24th and 58th in Ballard

Wingmasters is exactly what all dive bars should strive to be. I will issue this with a warning that I would not go in there alone. Nor would I reccomend any other females doing so. Even with my boyfriend holding on to me, I am still incessently hit on and groped here. Harmless drunks, all of them, but nonetheless, warning issued. There tends to be a high ratio of extremely wasted people in this bar at all times. There was also the selling and buying of cocaine occuring. That said the food is delish.

The mozzarella sticks here are the size of pilsbury cookie dough rolls. Crunchy on the outside, soft, warm and gooey on the inside, what any mozzie lover could want. The true highlight, as the name suggests, are the wings. Todd, the chef, warns us every time “I added some extra jalapenos to the jerk rub this time” but we order anyway. This jerk rub chicken wing could kill off a buffalo wing with both hands tied behind its back. But do be warned–tears fall from the eyes of grown men because of the spicyness of these!

We also happened to be there for game night: Spelling bees and bingo. While I did manage to misspell binoculars AND counterfeit, I did feel like everyone, myself included, was having a great time.


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