The Park Pub

Upon an invite to $5 burger night with my middle school best friend and her boyfriend, I headed off to check out what $5 could buy you at the Park Pub. Well, it turned out to be quite a good deal. When I sat down, the other two had already odered, so they were ready to inform me that the Portabella mushroom burger wasnt available. I went with a bacon and bleu cheese instead. I also got my choice of a schooner of any draft beer. Not bad, really. Though it does remind me why we normally order these things in pint form. Because the other two ordered before me, I assumed the pile of fries dumped on the table was for them and that mine were coming. They weren’t. But that was okay, I tried a few and they were somewhat dry. The burger on the other hand, was delicious and moist. It was chock full of delicious things like lettuce and tomato that you don’t always see on a pub burger these days. All in all, for a $5 burger I was extremely impressed (that $5 includes the beer too!).


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