Cooper’s Ale House

Okay, working on catching up on a few here. Cooper’s is the closest bar to the new digs. I went down there last week to check out my options, and what did I happen upon but this girl’s favorite thing in the world–PUB QUIZ! Lovely. I ordered up a lovely glass of riesling (I was off beer for a while, please don’t make fun of me ordering wine at an ale house) and started answering questions. The man ordered up some Nachos and I could not help myself. These are some amzing nachos! We didn’t run out of cheese, there were spicy fresh jalepanos all over the place, unbelievable. The pub quiz was tough, but not too hard to be fun. The darts were all in working order. All in all, I was floored at the many virtues of my new home away from home. If you’re looking for me some tuesday night in the future…Cooper’s Quiz night, my friends.


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