La Carta de Oaxaca

Oooh, I waited along time to try this place. After repeated attempts to eat here botched by the rumbling of my tummy after hearing that it was a one hour wait, I dragged my parents out here for my Dad’s birthday on a monday night. It was still a ten minute wait, but at least this time I could enjoy a margarita at the bar while I waited.
All the plates are fairly small, so we ordered about half the menu and dug in. Started with chips and guacamole. The chips were great, but the guac was not as good as I hoped. It was creamier than I am used to, no big chunks of deliciousness. The salsas from the salsa bar were fairly good though, especially the pico de gallo-esque fresh veggie one. Next up was the Albondigas, a beef meatball soup. It was very authentic–just like what I have had in Mexico. But then I remembered that every time I order I wonder why I didn’t just order an extra taco al pastor! We had the tostadas con camarones. They were alright, but the smallness of the shrimp pieces (all chopped up) meant a little less shrimp flavor coming through everything else. The two kinds of tacos–al pastor (a personal fave of mine) and halibut were both quite good. I would say that I would prefer them more in the style I am used to–less sauce, more allowing of the lamb and fish flavor–than with the creamy sauce. Last but not least, the Mole negro oaxaqueno. Unreal. Now I understood why everyone raves about the place. Everything else was good, this was unbelievable. I get it. If I went back, I might skip straight from the chips to a few orders of Mole Negro.
and the price? Well, my dad’s comment was “This is pretty much as good and as cheap as the food we had in Mazatlan”
Now, I’m not going to make fun of him for Mazatlan being his source for Mexicanity, but it makes my point. Good, cheap mexican food in Ballard. Not an easy find in these parts!


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