Thai-ger Room

Holy hell, its been a while since I posted! Ski season (aka hibernation) has in fact set in. In the meantime I have moved into a new house and got a new car (courtesy of the lady in the giant SUV who slammed into me). So all is good now. Last night the man was craving a little bit of Thai, and, inexplicably to this girl who grew up frequenting Siam on Broadway, Thai-ger room is what he likes.

To me, Thai food means a big table full of various dishes all passed around family style. At Thai-ger Room, I’m limited to my one dish. Well that clearly wasn’t going to work. I admit that it is nice that I know I can get my meal for $6.75. But still, I want that variety.

I started with the ‘Crab Wontons’ which were basically Crab Rangoons, though the sauce was so overly sweet I felt a little like I was eating cream cheese and jelly. Not too bad once I dropped the sauce, but a little more crab flavor would not have hurt. The boy tried to have the wings as a started, but they showed up moments after our main dishes (which admitadly were quite quick). The wings were served with the same overly sweet sauce, so I clearly had no dipping intentions. However, the flavor of the wings was basically non existent. You know the old joke ‘tastes like chicken’? Well, these tasted like chicken. Now think of the last time you had wings that tasted like chicken? Exactly. I want my wings to taste like buffalo, or jerk, or some kind of exciting thai spice!

For my main dish I fell upon the classic, Drunken Noodle. I love them. I have no crticism of the noodles themself. They were tender, the beef was delicious, the 5 stars had some semblence of heat (which is not something I find often). All in all, very good. My only question: Who serves a noodle dish with a side of rice? I would so much rather have had more noodles. Or a bit of broth. Some veggies, anything! I don’t need more starch! The BF had garlic peppers with beef. It was also quite good.
And went well with the side of rice.

Moral of the story: At Thai-ger Room, stick with the basics. A meat dish, eat it with your rice, and go home happy with your cheap meal!


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  1. Hey, I live in U District and I totally agree with you about thai-ger room and the noodles with rice. I really don’t get it. Also, have you been to thai toms? So much better than thai-ger room. Especially if you like spicy food!

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