Rain Modern Japanese Cuisine

I live in fear of eating bad sushi, and luckily there was none to be had yesterday when I gave Rain’s happy hour a try. However, good sushi with bad service leaves much to be desired as well. When we sat down we were given a small bowl of edamame, and I’ll be honest, I have to say I love when the restaurant gives me something to munch on while I make my decisions. We ordered 2 large house sakes ($4 a piece, not bad at all) and a Jenny’s roll. The Jennys roll (scallops, avacado, salmon, wasabi sauce) was very good. It was a filling roll, and it came cut into 8 very large slices. The two handrolls we ordered came out wrong–one negihama and one salmon skin suddenly became 2 negihama. Once that was straightened out, I have to say I did not like the style their handrolls cam in. Instead of being rolled simliar to a regular roll, they were rolled like an ice cream cone–a cone of nori, with rice in the bottom and a chopped mix on top. I liked the mix in the salmon skin (why I had ordered it in the first place, and not 2 of the negihama). I was not overly pleased with the negihama–a mix of tuna and scallions and herbs. I felt that the flavors overwhelmed the taste of the fish, but my partner in crime liked it a lot.
We both ordered ourselves the Sashimi plate ($8) which was an amazing amount of raw fish for such a price (I love happy hour). The fish was quite good, and generally very well cut. There were some odd pieces of tuna chunk there, but it all tasted just right, so I was pretty happy.
So the service…Besides our screwed up handroll, he also asked if we had anything else coming out (clearly having forgotten our 2 sashimi plates), then told me the hand roll would be on the house and proceeded to charge me for all three handrolls. However, he forgot to charge me for one of the sakes and when asked removed the handroll. Somehow we also lost a sashimi plate in all this. So if you are willing to endure the terrible service to get cheap sushi, here is the place!


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