Sam’s Sushi

So I have been to Sam’s before and have always enjoyed decent, even good, cheap sushi there. We went for the BF’s B-day, though and I was thoughroly dissapointed. Our sashimi was frozen. I could see the ice crystals in my fish. We pointed this out to the waitress, who took the fish back, switched that one fish out, and gave us a different kind. Not more, not switching out other types of fish (which were also frozen) but simply the one piece I had pointed out. She was also unapologetic. When you consider it was a birthday dinner, and we were spending over $100 for a two top, which I’m guessing doesn’t happen all that much there, you would think she could knock off a beer, or discount our sashimi or something. Nope. We paid a lot of money for frozen sashimi. Well. Guess I won’t go back there any time soon!


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