So this will actually be an amalgam of my many times at Shun, a Sushi place outside of University Village.

I started out with a vendetta against Shun. While in previous incarnations the building has been a KFC and a freaky vegan cafe, its most recent incarnation was as my family’s go-to thai restaurant, Thai Dusit. Furthermore, my first visit my food was forgotten. We went, we ordered, everyone at my table got their food. I asked repeatedly for my food, my family finished theirs, mine still was not there. I left hungry, bitter, and nostalgic for Thai Dusit, who had never, in all my many visits, left me unfed.

My parents, despite my bitterness toward the restaurant, returned without me. They told me it was actually pretty good, and it seemed to have gotten over its opening jitters. So I went back. And what a pleasent surprise.

Every time I am in Shun, I am served up beautiful, fresh, well cut plates of sashimi. The rice is a good texture on the nigiri, and they make a delicious and slightly more original seaweed salad than you see in your run of the mill sushi place. It is a great place to get what you want and keep the price down–you can get out of there with seaweed salad, sashimi, sushi, nigiri and sake for under $25 a person no problem.

In terms of service, I have to mention that on Valentine’s Day, with no reservation anywhere, we were able to fight our way through the crowd at the door, and be seated with in ten minutes. How many other places can do that?

My only issue I have ever had with the food would be that I was once served a piece of geoduck that maybe sat a little bit too long. But when you consider how often I eat there, only one bad piece of fish–and it wasn’t awful, just not perfect, I can’t complain.


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