I Love Sushi

So after having convinced the Man that I Love Sushi deserved a second try (he had been there, I had not, but had heard great things about it), we headed down for an early dinner. It was expensive (80 for the two of us), but you got what you paid for. The service was excellent (the B did not like that the waitress moved his beer when she put down the food) and I got to try things I don’t normally order at sushi places.

We started with a special: salmon wrapped oysters. While I was almost insulted when the waitress asked us “you know its raw, right” I held my tongue. And what came out was 4 beautifully presented raw oysters, on shells, wrapped in two different kinds of delicious salmon sashimi, all drizzled with just a hint of ponzu sauce. I could eat these things all day. I had already been won over.

Next up was the Seafood Poki. I had never seen it spelled that way, but ordered it anyways. It was delicious, the fish all cut up small and well dressed. I could have used a bit more spice, but I happen to like my poke to burn. The cucmber mixed in well with the size of fish slices, and I even enjoyed the tako (octopus) which I often find to be too rubbery for my taste in sashimi or sushi form.

We had a rainbow roll, which was good, though other than being enormous, did little to set itself apart from the average rainbow roll. Similarly the spicy tuna roll was the mashed up kind with the sauce mixed in, as oppose to a whole chunk of tuna with sauce on it, though that might just be a personal preference.

We finished up with a salmon skin hand roll with spicy sauce. B enjoyed that they left some meat on the salmon skin, though I thought that just highlighted the fact that the roll lacked the crunch I enjoy in the skin. The spicy sauce was a little different, it kind of reminded me of siracha in taste, but it did get my mouth burning, so I was okay with it.

Overall I enjoyed to experience, but I would stick to the inventive and interesting dishes rather than pay a lot for pretty good sushi.


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