Oh how I love dim sum! This saturday we went out in search of a new place. My dim sum heart has not been at peace since the closing of Top Gun. I like Jade Garden, but I don’t fight crowds well. But I think I have a new go-to place.

The first thing that drew us to Sun-Ya? The parking lot. When driving around the ID in search of a good dim sum place, there is endless advantage to having a place to park the car. So Sun-Ya was the choice. We went in and were quickly seated. Right away a cart was headed straight for us with my roommates favorite food–Honey walnut prawns. No need to grab something to hold you til your favorite thing comes by here. We also snagged a shrimp paste filled peppers and eggplant. The eggplant and peppers were a little luke warm, which tastes okay with the peppers but was a little off with the eggplant. Honey walnut prawns–my roommies fav, though not mine–were as good as I’ve ever had.

The steam cart came next. We pulled off a shrimp dumplings, sticky rice in lotus leaves, rice noodles and shrimp, and some chinese broccoli. All were good.

That is my basic tenet for Sun-Ya. Everything was good. No complaints. I was well attended to and got everything I wanted (okay, well, my roommate refused to share the turnip cakes with me, but that was her fault, not theirs). Nothing was outstanding or melt in my mouth good. But I had no complaints either. Which is all I can ask for a place with no wait and a parking lot. I’ll be back here when I’m hungover and need dim sum now, no hassle and delicious!


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