Taste of India

You might think I ought to go to Taste of India all the time, as it is about a mile from my house, but when Anita’s Bistro is across the street, it is easy to resist.

However, I was in the mood for that little bit greasier taste of Indian I knew I could find at Taste of India. So off we went.

Sitting down, we were starving and started with the Baba Ghanouj appetizer. I ordered some Roti to go with it since I wasn’t interested in pita. It was a wise choice, as the pita appeared to be slightly moldy. It did not make sense to me why a place with such delicious and varied breads would serve pita that was so clearly brought in from another source? The baba tasted great with the roti, and was beautifully presented. It did bother me a little that my roti was brushed with melted butter, but like I said before, I knew what I was getting in to in grease land.

I love the way they do the chutneys at Taste. The tamarind and mint come out together and while each are delicious, they blend together for a sweet but fresh teste when you dip your bread through both.

For dinner I ordered the Tandoori Surprise, which is not a surprise at all, but rather a combination of all the tandooris. I also ordered Aloo Paratha. I enjoyed the Aloo Paratha, it was perfectly done, exactly as I wanted it, but I could again have done with out the butter brushing on top…

The Tandoori surprise taught me a good lesson–to order the tandoori chicken next time! The fish was alright, though over done. The beef and lamb were both so over done I could barely tell which one was which! But the chicken. Oh the chicken. That was what I came for. Bright red and savory spiced, this tandoori chicken was melting in my mouth. the veggies melted in with my chicken and it all mixed in with my rice. Or simetimes my paratha. Either way, it was amazing. So next time, I know. Stick with the tandoori chicken. Who needs the rest of that stuff. Good. Classic. Delicious.

Taste of India might not be the healthiest Indian food. I wouldn’t even argue it for the best around. But it is close to home, it is just greasy enough to satisfy the need, and it was delicious!


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