Did ya miss me?

Okay, so it’s been a little while. I’m sorry. I have committed a bloggerific sin. Terrible, I abandoned my blog to go to work for a group blog, at seattle.metblogs.com. I apologize. But now, I have decided to try my hand at balancing both activities. In the time since I last updated this, I have become far more invested in cooking than in eating out, so this new incarnation of the blog will be more of a combination of meal experiences than the previous one was. Also, I will try to keep as up to date as I can with Seattle restaurant gossip, as well as answer any questions written in about food, Seattle, and what ever else people would like me to talk about.

My favorite piece of Seattle restaurant gossip at the moment? I have just heard that Mee Sum is open on the Ave now. I will have to check it out, they were a favorite of mine growing up–some kids save their money for a rainy day, I saved mine for humbao!


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