A Thrown Together Feast

Some days dinner starts small and grows out of control, and monday was one of those days. Yet it wasn’t hard work, and it was a lot of fun to put together. I rarely see my roommates A and O, so when I came home from playing tennis with B and started to cook our dinner, it was nice to see them around and I invited them to join us for dinner. I had just been planning to cut up some tuna sashimi and crab leg sashimi, but this would not have been enough for all four of us, so we went to work on our dinner.

I sliced up the tuna sashimi (a find at a recent farmers market) and sliced two of the crablegs up into sashimi, but instead of serving the crab leg as sashimi, I added it to a bit of defrosted frozen seaweed salad, tossing it with soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil. O got on the steam station and steamed up an artichoke and the other 4 crab legs. A got to work on a pile of vietnamese fresh rolls, with steamed shrimp, lettuce, thin rice noodles, and hot peppers in a rice paper roll up. Served that with a little sauce of peanut butter, hot sauce and coconut milk.

By the time this all came together, a long with a starter of the leftover pumpkin soup, we had a meal that spanned multiple continents and countries with its flavor combinations, yet all of it was delicious, and it was lovely to share a meal with the roomies.


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