Gourd-Tastic, Part 2: A failed pumpkin pie

Okay, I know I should pretend I am fantastic at everything and all, but I admit it–I failed at pumpkin pie. Not directly through any fault of my own, of course. Not really.

Basically I have never made a pie before and at B’s suggestion, decided to try my hand at it. Using the beginner’s bible (aka Mark Bittman’s How to Make Everything) I followed a pretty simple recipe for flaky pre baked pie crust. Problem 1: I didn’t have unsalted butter. Okay, no problem, I like salt, I omitted the salt from the recipe and used salted butter. Then I started making the filling. Problem 2: We had about half the cream we needed and none of the ginger. I was prepared to use whipped cream cheese instead, but B would have none of it. We went to the store and got more cream. We came back. I put the cream on the counter and opened the ginger. I went along my merry way, following instructions, happily baking as B carved the pumpkin. I put the pie in the oven a let out a sigh of relief. My very first pie. After about 10 of the 30 minutes it was supposed to cook, I began to clean up, and to my horror, uncovered the unopened container of cream. In our rush to find the right ingredient, I had ended up including none of it. No cream, no cream cheese.

So, alas, my first pie was a failure. It then got knocked off the cooling rack by my roommate so by the time I got a picture of it the inside had come detached from the crust anyways. It tastes alright, pretty much like a pie that doesn’t have any cream in it (Making it a good illustration of why low-fat food tastes so bad).


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