A Thanksgiving Weekend Shopfest

You might think one would get sick of eating after the Thanksgiving holiday, but you would be wrong. At least when it comes to me! Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday (the foodie police will be coming to get me soon). I find the food not to my test, and I mean this not as a criticism to those who like it, but I simply don’t like turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy or sweet potatoes. I am a little partial to stuffing. But the point is that on the Saturday after the holiday, I was off in search of greener pastures for my grazing.

 Lucky for me the University District farmers market was open and bustling, just a short walk from my house. While the kale was getting me all excited I knew I didn’t have many meals to cook this week and tried to stick to things I would eat for snacks. I ended up with some Apple Farms non-fat quark and a bunch of radishes. There is something about the beautiful spectrum of pinks and reds on these radishes that you don’t find on the mass produced ones that makes them not only tastier but so much more endearing. I plan to eat them soon in the classic French fashion, with butter and salt.

On the way home I found to fantastic stores. The first one is a Brazilian market that I’d been meaning to go into for a while. Upon entering I met the new owner and discovered that she is redoing the place and was looking for suggestions as to what she should stock. She seemed like a wonderful lady and if you have any Brazilian products that you have been missing, be sure to ask her.

Half a block up the Ave, I went into the Indian and Pakistani grocery. Wow, it is a different world in there. I knew I was in for something good when I saw a pile of coconuts lying on the floor near the entrance. A fridge held varieties of pita, paneer and another one boasted halal goat meat. Again, not cooking too many meals this week, I stuck to snackables, coming out with a variety of chana dal (deep fried lentils, which I later ate as a snack on the quark), mint chutney and green chile paste. The most amazing deal I saw in here, however was the spices. Our house is quite well stocked with spices, but if you ever need any, I reccomend this place. They were all doled out into plastic ziploc baggies, labeled and priced at about $1.39 each. $1.39 for a full baggie of turmeric? You find me another place in town where you can get a deal like that!


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