Foodie Feeding Frenzy

That’s right, it was a foodie feeding frenzy on tuesday night. Keren over at Savvy Savorer pulled a whole group of us foodie types together and organized an amazing dinner for everyone.

We gathered at Quinn’s on Capitol Hill. The place was crowded and noisy and the crowd was not my scene, but Keren got us a nice little corner table upstairs and things were pleasant. On the floor it looked like there were 7 people crowded around each 2 top smooshed against the next group. It took us an hour to even get to the food because we were all so talkative! I started with a sage margarita from the rather pleasant looking cocktail selection. It was a good margarita (with no added sugar, thank god) but I wasn’t able to get much sage out of it. I switched it up to a nice San Giovese afterwards.

We did a little gift exchange of foodie items, very cool. I ended up with two books from Ronald over at Cornichon. While we waited for the food to arrive, I picked the amazing brain of Jay who writes for Seattlest. As the food arrived we got the opportunity to share our plates and discuss the food. And what a brain. I got restaurant reccomendations for all over the city, up to Vancouver, and I’m pretty sure if I’d been interested I could have got them for the whole world. A fountain of restaurant knowledge. And my newly adopted restaurant advisor! The food arrived, and as much I am anti-vegetarian (send the hate mail right on over, folks!) I rather enjoyed the grilled salad ordered by Michael of Herbivoracious. Moving onto meatier options, I would say that my favorite was the gnocchi and oxtail that was ordered by Candace of Italian Woman at the Table. The gnocchi were a great texture and the oxtail was tender and well flavored. To my other side was Rachel, who is not a blogger, but rather a radio personality with a show called Stick a Fork in it on 710 KIRO and Annie, a former food writer for a myriad of local papers. Our table was rounded out with Katerin, who runs a translation company and is originally from Germany. Being the sole native of Seattle at the table (as I so often am), it was fun to hear the opinions on the Seattle food scene from people who grew up elsewhere. While the scene has changed since I was a kid, it certainly influanced me growing up and constantly eating at Thai restaurants and Chinese places in the ID. Dim Sum as a regular thing and not being afraid of trying new things.

The other dishes we tried at Quinn’s didn’t all please in the same way the oxtail did. I found the wild boar ragu sloppy joe dissapointing other than the spicy flavor imparted from the jalapeno pepper. The seared tuna was delicious, but the dish itself was uninventive. The other innovative dishes I tried (rabbit pate, duck with duck rilette) were all quite good, but none were shout it out amazing. I enjoyed everything I ate and would certainly return, though I think it will be after the heavy buzz dies down. The one thing I found inedible were there french fries, but why go to a place like that and order fries anyways?

Last but not least, Keren got a ton of companies to donate amazing goodies to us. I haven’t tried the yogurt or chips that we got, but I put some bacon salt on my poached eggs yesterday morning. WOW. That was amazing.


2 Responses

  1. Oh man! I wish I could have been there. I am so sad I wasn’t able to attend! Sounds like it was lovely. 🙂

  2. Your postive energy was a huge part of it! Thanks,

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