Wingmasters: Revisited


Many months ago I wrote about a favorite bar here and here. Due to being a bit more conscious of what I’m eating and no longer living in Ballard, it has been a while since we were there. I had written of the leaving of Todd, THE wingMaster. But last night we went back and things were great. A slimmed down, far less alcoholic looking version of Todd was back in the kitchen. The jerk wings were as spicy and tasty as I remembered and the mozzarella sticks (pictured above) just as huge and melty. The place appears to have been cleaned up (“There isn’t a trough in the bathroom anymore! There is REAL toilet.”–B), and there was a lower ratio of dirty old men drunks to normal people. Overall the place has only improved in my opinion. Little bit more expensive, but still on the cheap end of the spectrum. I’ll definetly be back here again for all my sports watching needs.


2 Responses

  1. we live two blocks up the street from this place and love the food, esp. the wings. We stopped going a few months ago, though. It’s good to hear they cleaned it up a bit. Last time I went I walked in just as some guy head-butted another guy and broke his nose. It was nasty and represented the worst if wingmasters; though the chances of seeing that again are slim, I decided to take it off my list. Maybe it’s time to check it out again!

  2. […] and out the door before 2:30. Our first stop was Wingmasters, which I’ve discussed previously here. Still a great bar, but Tod the wing man no longer works there, so the wings are not quite where […]

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