A Satisfying Soup

Returning from a long day of skiing there is usually just one thing I want to put in my mouth. My thumb. No, just kidding, I stopped sucking my thumb for comfort many years ago, now I eat instead. And what I most want to eat is a warming soup. Miso is my favorite broth for the base of any soup, but unfortunately, the traditional simple miso soups tend to be a little light to be a whole meal after a long day of skiing, so, raiding my fridge, I came up with this tasty solution. So tasty, in fact, that I ate the leftovers this afternoon, despite the lack of skiing today due to a power outage at Snoqualmie Pass. The edamame and peppers add an extremely satisfying crunch that make this soup a standout and something I will certainly add into my recipe rotation this winter. The jalepeno adds my much loved heat to the dish, and the whole thing is quite healthy.JalepenoOnionGreen PepperGingerGarlicMiso PasteEdamameChopping one clove of garlic and mincing a half teaspoon of ginger, I tossed them in a small pot with a bit of no stick cooking spray. I added about half a small onion, and a quarter of the green pepper, and about a tablespoon of jalepeno, all chopped up. I sauteed these for about 5 minutes, then added about 2 cups of water. As this came to a boil, I broke up and added in about a tablespoon and a half of the miso paste and a few handfuls of edamame (I used frozen, pre-shelled). Once the miso broke up, I took it off the heat and ate it with a few of the turkey dumplings still hanging out in the freezer. 


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