The Best Grilled Cheese

“I came home last night to make a sandwich,” B told me last night…”and there was no provolone left?” I finished. Yeah, what happened to that provolone? I made it into my favorite grilled cheese sandwich. Inspired by a dish I ate in Uruguay (I know that people who know me are shocked that I say this, but once, I did eat good food there). The dish involves melting an entire round of provolone with spices and slicing it into pieces to eat with bread. This is just the Americanized verion.

Begin by melting the cheese (2 large slices should do) just enough that some grease slides off. Using a spatula, lift the cheese back off for a minute and toast the bread quickly, til golden, then flip one, piling on top the cheese, and removing the second piece of bread for a sec. Sprinkle the cheese with spices of your choice. I used red pepper flake, rosemary, salt and pepper. Then, with the toasted side toward the cheese, complete your sandwich. When the bottom toast is browned on the outside, flip it over and brown the other outside.

Delicious cheesiness with a bit of an adult flavor.


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