Quick n’ Easy Version: Pho

Pho is like a godsend when you are sick. This Vietnamese version of the classic sickie food takes chicken noodle to a new level. If you are at the point of moving, the best thing is to get thee to the nearest Pho restaurant and let them do the work. But I wasn’t there yet. I was still at home, in bed. And that meant I wasn’t making the stock from scratch. Everything was thrown together and it was quick and easy. It wasn’t the best pho ever, but it did the trick.

 For Easy Pho: Chicken Stock (1 can), star anise (2 stars), Cardamom (.5 teaspoon of ground), salt and pepper to taste, 2 tablespoons fish sauce, ginger (a teaspoon minced), garlic (2 cloves, crushed).

Boiled all of these up in a broth and let it reduce to about half, then strained out the spices.

Into a bowl I put cilantro, fresh rice noodles, jalapeno, and chopped baby bok choy. Poured the broth over these ingredients and there it was. A steaming bowl of Pho.

There is no picture. Sick people can’t operate cameras.


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