Has it really been almost 24 hrs. since I posted on sushi?: (5/9/07)

I’m an honest person, thus I am embracing (Freudian Slip: I actually wrote embarrassing) my love of raw fish. I was recently tipped off regarding a Korean dish called Hwe Dup Bop. I was told it was essentially a chirashi bowl with raw egg on top.
So today I moseyed on down to the new King’s Teriyaki at the corner of Broadway and Denny and ordered a #31 (I didn’t dare try to pronounce that). Because I ordered to-go, I am not sure how this would have looked if I had gotten it in the appropriate flatware, but I took it back to my office and unwrapped my bundle like an excited kid on Christmas morning. First there was a small bowl of miso soup. Decent, not the best miso ever, but a nice little snack on the way to the main course. Next there was a package of white rice. Lastly there was a large styrofoam container featuring a veritable garden of odds and ends. Before I get to that, I also got two sauces in my bundle: the first I smelled, it was sesame oil, I put that aside. The second one, of which I used all of in the end, was, as far as I could tell a mix of ketchup and siracha. Or maybe teriyaki sauce and siracha.

In the main container, I identified watercress, cucumber, iceberg lettuce and onion. On top of this was an ice cream scoop of crab salad. To one side of this was an enormous pile of tobiko (the little orange roe) and to the other side was a large pile of chopped tuna sashimi. It was chopped fairly small, like the way you get it in negihama hand rolls sometimes. This may sound like a huge pile of very odd things, but I just started picking at things, bit by bit, trying different combinations, and eventually discovered that it was all delicious all together. I would pick up some bits, dip it in the ‘sirchup’ sauce, and eat it all together. Noticeably, there was no raw egg on top, as I had been informed there was. I think the egg could have enhanced the flavors even more, in all parts except the crab salad, which already had a richness to it. I’m thinking raw egg with ‘sirachup’ would have been amazing.

This whole mess of food cost me a grand total of $11 (that includes my parking). I’d be interested in learning more about the use of sashimi in new ways. Anyone know where else does a version of this?


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