Sushi Delight: (5/8/07)

As I am on the eternal quest for the $5 sushi feast, I am always on the lookout for a great deal at a local sushi restaurant. My boyfriend recently introduced me to the current favorite. At Hiroshi’s, a small little slip of a restaurant in a strip mall type building on the side of Eastlake. As you sit down, they bring over an amuse bouche of sesame seaweed salad. After ordering, I learned my meal also came with a miso soup, complete with chunks of fried egg and tofu. But the real specialty was the Chirashi bowl I had ordered. I have eaten a fair amount of chirashi in my life, and was expecting the usual bowl full of rice with 7-10 pieces of sashimi and a slice of tamago on top.

But no, I was wrong. I was given essentially a platter, with a thin layer of rice on the bottom, there was (I counted) 22 pieces of sashimi, mostly in sets of 3. In addition, I had the customary tamago, as well as a crab salad and some sort of pink sweet flakes I could not identify.

This feast set me back an extremely reasonable $17.95, but was also far more food than I could ever eat on my own.

Hiroshi’s on


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