When White Girls go to Dim Sum: Tea Garden: (7/16/07)

If you live anywhere besides in the International District, Dim Sum has just gotten a little bit easier to get to. Located at the corner of Ranier and Dearborn, Tea Garden is a mere block off the freeway and has its own parking lot, making access easy for those of us coming from the north. Despite the difficulty of getting to dim sum in other areas with a bad hangover, I have had dim sum many a time. We always joke that they treat non-asians differently, giving us lots of water, or offering us a fork, but I have never felt like I was treated so differently until Tea Garden. Unfortunately, like an abuse victim, I know I’m going to overlook this downside and return many times because the food was so good.

As we walked in, all eyes in the place fell upon us, including a conspicuous glare from a table near us. It was an odd feeling, like I had walked into a secret meeting that was actually about what a horrible person I was. We were seated quickly at a table set with our tea cups and chopsticks, but shortly thereafter a pile of forks and knives were uncerimoniously dropped onto the table. The service was prompt, and they offered a choice of tea, which while common in other areas, I have not seen much in Seattle. Carts came by quickly and we could see them being refilled in the kitchen often, despite the fact that there was fewer than ten tables of customers at the time. However, towards the end, I realized that one of my favorites, Phoenix Claws (chicken feet with a brownish-red sauce) had not come by. As I saw another type of chicken feet go by on a single tray and be offered to every table besides ours, I had a realization. Sure enough, as I walked out, I saw that every table of Chinese people had their delicious Phoenix Claws on the table.


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  1. […] hopes for a new dim sum restaurant onto the place and that is why I like it. I loved the food at Tea Garden at first, and that panned out okay, but not quite where I wanted it. Though I did know right away […]

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