Never Say “Eew”

I first heard of shirataki as a substitute for noodles for people on low carb or low cal diets. As often as I diet, I am committed to the idea of real food. That means no fake sweetners (except diet coke, and that is a flavor thing, not a diet thing), no freeze dried or frozen miracle foods, to me, I assumed it also meant no shirataki, some sort of concoction dreamt up by the marketing geniuses over at Weight Watchers. A short time ago I learned that this is in fact a traditional Japanese food, created from starchy vegetables and used in a variety of ways. I was only feeling slightly daring and decided to start with Tofu Shirataki. And I’m in love. I took it out of the package and gave it a quick rinse before tasting it. It was terrific. Just a hint of al dente texture, like a lovely thick piece of fettucini. I don’t know what I expected, but I think I thought it would be more like an over cooked onion. I was, suffice it to say pleasantly surprised. I had planned to stir fry the noodles with red bell peppers and onions in Korean red bean sauce. Instead, I made it like my favorite simple pasta dish: Olive oil, salt and pepper. I popped it in the micro for a minute and a half. It was perfect. I think I may have a new favorite instant meal, and I just wanted to share my love of this miracle food with the rest of the blogosphere.


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