An Awesome Post: Real Food

I had been thinking about a post describing my issues with ‘fake’ or processed foods for a while, but then I ran into this post by Michael Ruhlman, a food writer for whom I have great respect. Ruhlman approaches food from a very personal level, there is honesty and emotion in his writing that really draws you in while delivering facts.

Basically, this is my view of food. I’m no skinny minny, and this is not some sort of miracle diet, but I will say that I feel about a hundred times better all the time since cutting the majority of processed foods out of my life. I say the majority because my BFF Diet Coke is clearly going nowhere anytime soon.

 Anyways, I just wanted to call attention to the article because he really articulates my underlying feelings about foods today, and this saves me the trouble of writing a very similar food rant.


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