The Blame Game

I hope you, darling reader, have not forgotten about me in my hiatus. Before I get started, I wanted to feed you this delicious quote, from an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations”: “God lives between the skin and the bone of the pig”. Tasty.

 We were in the office the other day, discussing a dish that the restaurant had messed up. Because the smoked salmon had topped the scramble, the eggs lacked the flavor that the salmon was intended to give it. “The protein goes in first” explained J. No, argued A, it isn’t always the protein. It is whatever ingredient you plan to blame if the dish goes wrong. This got me thinking about if I do that the right way or not.

 90% of what I make, I believe I start with garlic and/or ginger. Mostly that is stir-fries, noodle dishes, what have you. So that is appropriate. But what about when I make meat? I want the prominent flavor to be the meat, not the garlic. So, I’m pledging, in an attempt to make myself a better cook, that I will play the blame game. What goes in to the pan first? the prominent flavor, the one I’ll blame if everything goes pear-shaped.


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