A Tasty Piece of Fish

This was a weekend of old favorites. We had hot pot at Seven Stars Peppers on Saturday night, and Sunday we visited the old ‘hood for our favorite sushi at our favorite price: Shun. Without a doubt, in my mind, Shun is the best value sushi in town. Prices are very reasonable and food is exceptional. I love Maneki, though I need to feel patient and rich to go there. I have tried other lower priced options, but Shun is where I return. We actually ended up spending a bit more than expected this time, but that was because they were serving exactly what I wanted to eat.

As I bit into my salmon nigiri, a wave of thoughts washed through my head, crashing into shore and scattering grains of sand all over my head. It was foggy, like looking through the murky water. What was so wonderful about this piece of fish? I smelled it first, it had been nestled next to a lemon slice, so I had a clean breath and a refreshed palate when I took the bite, luckily the lemon was not present in the taste, as that would have interfered with the natural beauty of the salmon. The slice was a perfect salmon color, with the lines in the flesh perfectly visible. It was almost too perfect, shouldn’t a living creature have imperfections? Appearently not when destined for nigiri at Shun. Everything about this fish was exactly as I wanted it to be, just enough fish to overwhelm the rice, just enough rice to hold up my fish. The perfect salmon richness washing over my mouth. An undetectable amount of wasabi, that I only know was present to hold the fish to the rice by the clean feeling in my mouth when I finished chewing. Wow. And as quickly as the wave came in, it washed back out, and I was left with an empty plate, a single lemon slice, lonely on the shore. But like the waves on shore, I know just where to find another of these. Waitress?


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