Greatness in Seattle

I wanted to quickly call attention to two great works of food research that are currently being done in Seattle. Over on Mouthfuls, a group of culinariacs are working their way through the lunch offerings of the Pike Place Market. See their research here. Seperatly, but in a related vein, the group over at MSG150 is blogging their way through the food of the international district. You can see their work here.

 Both groups are systematically working their way through a food community, trying everything, despite warning signs of bad food to come. This is brave eating, and I cannot express the reverence in which I hold both these groups. I can only hope that someday when in a job without free food and in a more intersting food zone, I can contribute to the cause of researching all of Seattle’s food zones. (Summary of my area: watered down Thai food, watered down Indian, Indian trying to be a steak house, watered down Thai. Wow, and I haven’t even made it a block…)

 Seriously though, these two works are the building blocks for a city wide eating guide. Anyone want to take on Pioneer Square? The 3rd avenue food courts? The “Mall Zone” at Westlake/Pacific Place? What about Little Saigon at 12th and Jackson (ooh, me! me! I volunteer!).

 Thanks guys, you do good work. Let me know if you ever need a spare mouth to feed!


3 Responses

  1. Hey! All of the guys in the MSG150 work in Pioneer Square… so we’re planning on covering that. We’re also hoping to get to Little Saigon this summer.

    Drop me a line if you want to come to lunch with us.


  2. We actually got the idea for the Pike Place Crawl from reading the MSG150 blog- they are inspirational!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the nice comments. Oddly enough, some of the places in the Market with lower expectations have been better than the ones with good reps. I think a 12th and Jackson/Little Saigon crawl would be great and you should do it! Nice blog, btw.

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