An Amazing Discovery: The Dong Hing Market

When I left my house yesterday to go grocery shopping, I had no idea where I was going. It was late enough I didn’t feel like heading north to the American shops: QFC, Safeway, fighting the crowds of people picking up their microwave meals for the night. Uwajimaya is always an option, but I have a tendency to some how leave there with far lighter pockets than I arrived with. Viet Wah seemed the appropriate answer, but by the time I got their the shared parking lot with Tamarind Tree was already getting crushed with customers stomping on each other to get at that delicious food. Not that I can hold it against them, I just didn’t feel like facing them. Across the street (1001 S Jackson St ) was my answer: The Dong Hing Market.

Beautifully laid out, well organized, cleaner than Viet Wah, I was able to get in and wander out with everything I needed plus a few other things that had caught my eye. Used to Uwajimaya, I ponied up to the register expecting to be lightened of a good $50. Nope, my grand total was $19.67. I stared in disbelief. The prices were unbelievable. $2.49 a pound for eye of round beef (it was good, too!). A dollar for a huge chunk of tofu, under $3 for two mangos. I could go on. This place is ridiculously cheap. I am not sure how they can afford to stay in business, but I promise they will be seeing more business from me. As I wandered, I wondered: what do $3.69/dozen oysters taste like? If its anything like how good the beef is, I’ll be buying a lot of those!


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