Hot and Spicy Beeb-em-bap

B used to work in a Japanese restaurant, and they served bibimbap there, but this being Indiana, it was only refered to by the above name, Hot and Spicy Beeb-em-bap. Either way, korean Bibimbap was the inspiration when I took out my wok to tastily dispose of tuesday’s hot pot leftovers.


Basically I just individually stir fried each ingredient in the wok: pea vines, oyster mushrooms, onions, tofu (I used chili oil here instead) and beef, then fried the egg. I placed it all in a circle over rice, topped it with the egg and then dabbed gochujang, Korean red bean hot sauce around the edge. The thing is, it is mostly greens, but I was worried it would look too green, so I buried them a bit, but down below here, where I have the mixed picture you can get a better idea of the ratio.



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