Hot Pot: A Pictorial


Sliced oyster mushrooms, fresh pho noodles, sliced eye of round beef, chopped pea vines, long cabbage, sliced chicken, chopped tofu and in the center is the most amazing peanut sauce, I think I’ve finally figured out the key. This was so good B and I were about to start spooning it straight down our throats! I used about a tablespoon of soy sauce, like a half cup of peanut butter (Adam’s Chunky, of course) and then just poured and mixed in coconut milk until it was smooth, creamy and dippable.


I’m glad I posted this the second time I made it not the first. Lesson I learned between the two times? Last time I spent about two hours slaving over the broth, trying to perfect it, worrying it didn’t taste right, etc. and it just ended up tasting only like szechuan peppercorns. This time I forked over 75 cents and bought a packet of hot pot mix. It was perfect. I hate short cuts, but this was about a hundred times better.


And of course, the after math. Delicious, delicious aftermath.


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