Homemade Cheese and Gnudi

Last week, while waiting for my duck to cure (yes, it is like watching a pot boil), I made cheese. I made a whole milk cheese, using organic milk and breaking it with lemon juice (slowly bring milk to a rolling boil, add lemon juice, strain with cheesecloth) and a goat cheese. The goat cheese was far tastier. I broke that with rice vinegar (because the only vinegars I had were that and balsamic), to add a sweetness to the goat-y stink, but the sweetness wasn’t really present. The goat cheese was delightfully light and faintly goatish, and was perfect for spreading on toast or baguettes. The milk cheese was less so. It was a little chalky in texture, and not very flavorful. I chose not to salt it because it was already so chalky, but then it was also bland.

The only thing I had come up with for it was that it was quite tasty replacing the mozzarella in a caprese salad, especially since the dry cheese absorbed so much balsamic dressing. Then it hit me, I could make little gnudi-gnocchi things! And I did!

Gnudi, sauteed in rosemary brown butter

Here they are, sauteed with salt, pepper and rosemary in brown butter.

I have no real recipe for these, I went by feel. I used what was left of the cheese (probably 2/3 of the original output of a carton of milk) added one egg, then added flour until it had a pasta dough like texture.

I broke off small pieces from this, rolling them out the way you made a snake out of playdough back in the day, then cutting that up into gnocchi size pieces. Then I dropped them all into boiling water, pulling them out as they floated to the top. That was it. It was so quick, so easy and amazingly delicious.


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