Homemade Duck Prosciutto

It is done! Finally. Well, maybe it was done before, I think I should have taken it down just a touch earlier. Here is the final product:

Homemade Duck Prosciutto

Sigh. So beautiful. The reason I think I should have taken it down earlier is that there is a little sliver at the bottom that is just a touch harder than prosciutto should be. But the rest has that unctous, melt in your mouth texture. I only sliced a few tastes so I can have our executive chef slice me the rest on a real slicer. I’m already dreaming up the many things I can do with it too. A quick briefing on how to make your own duck prosciutto:

Buy duck or duck breasts. I just used joe average $8 duck from Dong Hing, but if you live somewhere where you can’t buy a cheap entire duck at the local market, just get the breasts, that all you need. Bury the breasts in salt in the fridge for 24 hours. Mine came out very salty, I think because I didn’t rinse well enough at this next step. Rinse well and pat dry. Wrap in 1 layer of cheese cloth and hang in a cool dry space. I used an extra bedroom that we don’t keep heated, with the window cracked for ventilation, in a closet for shielding excessive light. I took mine down after 9 days. 7 or 8 probably would have been optimal.

And there you have it, the infamous duck is finished!


2 Responses

  1. […] an onion worth of caramelized onions (done ahead of time on the stove). I shaved on top some of my duck prosciutto. Really enjoyed the cooked version of the prosciutto, so if you’ve tried this, I highly […]

  2. […] top, so the bottom gets crispy too. You could really put whatever you want in with these. I used duck prosciutto and basil because that is what I have laying about the house, but I’m guessing that any kind […]

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