A Thai Treat

On the street that I work, like so many in Seattle, there are multiple Thai restaurants. I happen to prefer Samui over Jamjuree, but my boss and the controller disagree. So when we take the occaissonal lunch outside of the office, it is usually to Jamjuree, as was the case today.  It was the usual fare, nothing out of the ordinary, fairly Americanized Thai fare. What stood out to me was not the food, nor the service (which was actually a cut above, friendly, prompt and overly curteous).

Everything on the menu, in classic Asian lunch special fashion came with rice, except for the noodle meals, which made it difficult for me to order anything. It is, you see, Passover, the Jewish holiday during which I am forbidden to eat anything with wheat or grains, basically. No rice, no noodles. I ordered the Tom Yum noodle soup, a seafood soup (yes, I eat shrimp, yes, I see the irony), but with out the noodles. When it came, lo and behold, there were no noodles, which in and of itself was impressive.

As I began eating I noticed a ton of bean sprouts. You know, the kind that they give you too many of on bad phad thai. But instead of annoyingly being in the way of my noodles, here they were amazing. I looked over at J’s soup, as he had ordered the same thing, but with the noodles. Nope, no bean sprouts. The restaurant had kindly realized that my soup would be lacking without the noodles and replaced them with the nearest noodle like vegetable. My heart was warmed. So was my mouth, but that was more due to the amount of hot sauce I added.

Jamjuree on Superpages.com


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