Sundays are Good Days

I woke up this morning and went up to the first day of the Broadway Farmer’s Market as it opened at 11am. Perusing the market, I actually managed to get out with out spending ridiculous amounts of money, but with a large amount of delicious food. I’ve only been home for about an hour and I’ve already had two different kinds of arugula salad. Here are my variations for home use: anchovy filets, sauteed in olive oil, hot oil poured over the top of the arugula to wilt it, then crisp up asiago cheese in the oven and sprinkle for crunch. Salt, pepper. Version two, used oil left clinging to the pan to make an egg white omelette (had eggs whites leftover from making ice cream yesterday), stuffed the omelette with a whomping pile of arugula and a touch of parmesan, sprinkled with red pepper flakes. 

Now that I’m suitably fed, I want to tell you about the corner store by my house. “Don’t go there late at night!” warned a friend of ours. She is from Arizona, so I don’t really trust her on these things, but still, I must admit that this place has its fair share of crack addicts and hangers on sitting outside at all times. But in I wandered, on a tip from B that they had all kinds of spices and stuff. Yeah, all kinds. Saffron boxes for 3.99 (usually about $6.50) and bulk spices of all kinds–turmeric, star anise, you name it. I bought sardines in tomato and chile sauce, because they intrigued me. It was amazing, from the outside your average ghetto mart, but inside an Indian grocery store. I resisted buying any of the many kinds of chutney or Indian dinners they had, but I know I’ll be back. There is nothing as great as wandering on a sunday and making a great discovery.


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