Does Serious Eating Run in the Family?

My little brother is coming to town this weekend. Here is the conversation between the brother and myself:

from N

to B

date Tue, May 13, 2008 at 9:59 AM
subject Schedule of Events

Ha! I’m scheduling you in for events since  my usual partner in crime will have abandoned me for Japan for the week. Please let me know what you do or don’t want to participate in.
Sunday: There is a cheese festival at the pike place market. It’s supposed to be nice out. And there are cheeses. And wine. Should be a good time. I’ll need you here, you don’t want to be at a cheese festival with a wussy eater.
Monday: I don’t work. I’ve never had a paseo sandwich and was considering a culinary research trip to fremont to investigate. Evening: I’m probably doing a review of the new Vietnamese place next door to that Thai place we went last time you were home, I’ve been before, it is pretty good and there are delicous spicy baby clams.
Tues: Perhaps a trip to ballard for pub trivia at the place I used to give them? I have like $100 in free food/beer there. I wouldn’t eat the food though. That’s a lot of beer.

from B

to N

date Tue, May 13, 2008 at 11:06 AM
subject RE: Schedule of Events

  yep, sounds great sign me up.



In non-brother related news I was on a run yesterday and started thinking about how I don’t own a kitchenaid stand mixer. Yes, this is pretty much what I think about like 20% of the time. At least 20% is on my next meal, and another 20% is on the the meal after that. That leaves 20% for future meals and another 20% for not tripping and falling on my face. But back to the mixer, or lack there of. Then I got to thinking about how I currently have a cruddy hand held mixer that only has one beater. It was a hand me down, and I was only handed down one (small) beater. There were also two large ones, but upon investigation, these did not fit into the mixer I was given. There is a line in a Bloodhound Gang song where they just sing “The drummer from Def Leopard’s only got one arm” over and over again. Well, while I ran I sang “The mixer in my kitchen’s only got one arm” over and over, to the same tune.

I am such a food nerd. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed running to it.


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  1. Enjoy Paseo! But on a different day. It’s closed Sundays & Mondays, which is why I was there when it opened this morning.

    I found your blog through chowhound and I love it – we have a lot in common. Just getting into the good foods thing, Jewish, etc. My girlfriend and I have a food blog (flog?) whose first incarnation failed to launch – it’s at, but one of these days we’re going to start tracking our Seattle excursions.


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