My 100th Post

Really? It seems like I just started. I’ve been posting, under various guises–the long forgotten SeattliteSattelite and over at MetBlogs, for about a year now. A whole year of blogging about food. That adds up to about a 2 posts a week, not bad at all. But really, what is blogging, other than a self-congratulation, and who doesn’t want to self congratulate all the time?

No, seriously, I started blogging because I told Jonathan Kauffman over at the Weekly that I wanted to be a food writer, and this is what he told me to do. To be honest, I’d hoped for like, I dunno, a job, but what I got was the advice to start a blog. And a year later, here’s the blog. On that note, however, I have started food writing, you’ll see my work in the first issue of WINO Magazine, about Washington wine in early June and on or its sister site Seattlefoodweekly, when it launches.

I hope to keep working and making it further, but in the meantime, I enjoy writing on my blog, and I truly hope that, you, darling readers do to!


2 Responses

  1. Wanted to drop a line, & congrats on your 100th. Checked out your blog after becoming fully addicted to msg150. I can relate to your aspirations of food writing- a dream job of mine. you’re a great writer and love your pov. As a ‘foodie’ born, raised, and living in port angeles, WA i was curious if you’ve been to our area and experieced anything noterworthy..?
    keep it up, happy anniversary!

  2. Hi Babe,
    Congrats on your 100th post. When do you find time do write all of these? Anyhow, I love reading about your adventures and most of all I love joining you during them!

    Love you lots and see you soon.


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