Anthony Bourdain has Big Balls (live show at the Moore)

Yup, that is my conclusion after having seen him perform last night at the Moore Theatre. And I don’t just think that because his pants were a little tight. I say that because this is a man who truly has only one thing going for him–that he is straight up, downright hilarious. He doesn’t have anything to say that a million other people haven’t already said. It is simply his naked comic timing and wording that have gotten him where he is today.

Okay, let me back up. When we waited to go see him, I was a little worried. Obviously, as a superfangirl, I would have bought a ticket even if it were just to see him stand there and cluck like a chicken. But I admit, I was worried that I would have heard his spiels before, seen his shtick. Then he stepped on to stage. Like a 12 year old at a Backstreet Boys concert, my heart fluttered. It was crazy to see him in person. There he was! Right in front of me. It was cool. He started talking. I would say about 30% of what he said was stuff I’d heard before, read before, seen before. But there were some totally great lines. He justified kicking off Dale from Top Chef by declaring that eating his scallops was like “felching Mrs. Butterworth.” His humbleness was pervasive, from his clear embarassment when he came out to racous cheers to when he admitted he doubted he could make it past the second round of Top Chef.

Other great moments included his discussion of why Scandinavia has such bad food (Mongols never invaded) and the question and answer period. The Q & A truly showed his skill as a comedian, as he was unfazed by even the dumbest questions and turned them all into hilarious, spontaneous mini monologues.

It was pretty amazing. I assume, since they said last night that this was the premiere, that he’ll be doing a few more of these shows. I would reccomend them.


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