My First Article

It’s out. My first published food writing article. And you know what? They got my name wrong. Even worse? My mother was the one who pointed it out to me. In the table of contents I’m Naomi Bishop, then you go to the article and suddenly I’m Naomi Cambell. Not even spelled like the supermodel either. To add insult to injury, in the printing or editing process my accent marks got deleted and now it looks like I don’t know how to spell crème fraîche. Oy. It was a little heartbreaking, I have to admit. Brett kept saying that someday it will make a funny story. My only question is will it make a funny story because I’m a famous food writer and “look at my first piece, what a donkey” or will it be “look at this flailing attempt I made to be a food writer. I couldn’t even get my name right”…

Anyways, if you are looking to see the article by me (and my buddy, Ms. Cambell), you can find WINO around Seattle. Where around Seattle? I wish I could tell you. I tried to get my editors to give me specific places, and they just kept naming neighborhoods. I found my copy at the Old Peculiar Bar in Ballard.


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