Where to eat in Lake Chelan

My answer? Don’t. I’m not saying to starve yourself, by anymeans. I’m saying, if you are staying in town, you want to grill. Armed only with olive oil, salt, pepper and some rosemary I grabbed from the side of the road, I prepared an amazing meal on the grills. A flank steak, grilled medium rare, a mound of asparagus, a pile of potatoes. I shouldn’t have spoiled myself, because all the meals we went out to in the town of Chelan had no prayer of living up to that standard. Luckily outside of the town of Chelan, there are some tastier options.

This is Cisco’s, which is in Entiat. It’s about 20 minutes from Chelan, between Chelan and Wenatchee, so a good stopover if you are on your way in or out of town. Amazing Mexican food. I hadn’t had a torta like that in a while. The owner was nice, came outside and chatted with us while we ate. The salsa is a cabbage version that was pretty impressive.

The other reccomendation I offer is Blueberry Hill in Manson, on the far side of Chelan. It’s a bit out of the way, but it is good solid food (I suggest the French Dip) with a beautiful view. And you can do lots of wine tasting on the way back to town.


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  1. […] would be making it to the campsite close to dark, we needed to eat elsewhere beforehand. Recently, another Seattle blogger wrote about Cisco’s near Chelan so I took notes for this occasion. We had a great dinner, we met Cisco and we left […]

  2. OMG, we went to Kelowna last week and came back thru Lake Chelan and stopped for lunch, it was sooooooo bad! I don’t even remember the name of the place (but it was not the any of the places you recommend above), I mean it was worse than if they had opened canned food and served it cold.

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