Eating in Indiana

Part two of our trip to Chicago is the part where we head to Indiana. I was meeting B’s family for the first time and I was nervous. Suddenly there were 20 Tomky’s all around! Luckily they were all very nice and interested in talking to me and I tried to stay calm. It was very tiring, and eventually I had to retreat for a nap, but not before I got to try some new foods (don’t worry, this still is and always will be a blog first and foremost about food). Aside from the usual hamburgers and hot dogs, B’s family is swedish and thus had a few Swedish eats around. That was wonderful. We started with a few pepperkokar cookies, like thin gingerbread, accompanied by some lovely mojitos made with mint fresh from his mother’s garden! Her plants are clearly doing better than mine, which to be honest don’t look all that much worse then before I abandoned them for 5 days. Which says more about how they looked before than their resiliance to apathetic care. Right, Swedish food. The swedish meatballs were terrific, in a thick gravy, and cooked till just done, meaning they retained great texture and flavor. There was also swedish potato sausage. I loooooved this. Seriously, it tasted like matzoh ball sausage. I think I’m going to get me some next time I find myself in Ballard. Or Ikea. It was in broth with some slightly bland vegetables, luckily B’s Grandpa rescued them with “slap ya momma” cajun seasoning spices. Very funny.

There were leftovers, but upon returning from firework watching, the three tomky brothers and myself ransacked the fridge for leftovers and left not even a crumb of Swedish yummies behind.

Did I fail to mention dessert? I don’t know what was in Grandma’s banana cream pie, but darn it was good! I was awoken from my nap to try some, and that was just fine with me.


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  1. […] and peppercorn broth with potatoes and carrots. I turned to B and declared them not as good as when his mother made them . Hers, in keeping with the Swedish/Jewish comparison, tasted like matzoh balls. Mine, well, they […]

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