The Great Bag Debate: An Unintended Consequence

For those  out of the loop, or, say, the greater Seattle area, our city council is working on a proposal that you will be charged 20 cents for every plastic bag you use to carry your groceries home. Now, don’t get me wrong, I TRY to bring my own bags to the store, but I am a little forgetful. I’m all for paper, except when I have a ten block walk home–even worse if it is in the rain. So I’m not a huge fan of the new rules, but whatever, they won’t affect me very much.

The unintended consequence that I’m so very excited about, however, is that in the last 3 months I’ve recieved three new tote bags as freebies. The grocery tote has replace the crummy t-shirt as the ‘it’ give-away, and I’m excited about it. My collection of tote bags has gone from 1 to 4 and now I get to pick…is it a PCC day (from a half-marathon) or a MercyCorps kind of day (from a charity gig I did)?


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