Where Would I Take Anthony?

My love of Anthony Bourdain is no secret. B gets jealous at just the sound of his voice eminating from our tv. My hatred of Uruguay, and more specifically, its cuisine, is also no secret. That said, I thought they did a poor job of representing the country. I don’t want to complain here, so I decided I would make an alternate journey for him. Here’s where else Anthony would go if I were the fixer:


Definetly a traditional Chivito stand, like Lo de Pepe. We would get him a completa, meaning that his flank steak burger would come piled high with ham, cheese, fried egg and all the usual fixings (lettuce, tomato, etc.)

Medialunas Calentitas: Literally little warmed half moons. This shop pops out tiny two finger sized piping hot croissants–or medialunas. I could eat about ten for breakfast. I usually go with the plain, but since Uruguay like to put ham and cheese in everything we’d have one of those and also one with dulce de leche, traditional caramel like sauce.

Would have kept in the trip to mercado del puero. Definetly worth the visit to this shrine of meat. But also would need to find a traditional parilla to go to, with grilled cheese–nope, not like a sandwich, just the cheese (provoleta) grilled over flame. Dip crusty baguette, eat.


The train station! I can’t believe they glossed over it, as it was one of the most intriguing places I visited in town. A museum of old trains as part of a non-profit that provides housing to low income familys in converted parts of the old station.

The Beach. All of Montevideo life deals with La Rambla, the boardwalk that was given a small amount of screen time. I noticed it was damp, I’m thinking they most have hosed off all the puppy poop. Despite ample signs declaring “Lo que hace tu perro es cosa tuya” (literally: that which your dog does is your thing), the thing is covered with dog shit. Yet Montevideanos spend their days walking (never running. How unlady like…and in SHORTS no less) on the something like 36 kilmeters of it. I believe it used to go all the way out to Punta del Este in more prosporous times.


I can think of a lot of other things I’d like to take him to, however I think he did a lot of things well. I wish he’d talked to more Uruguayans and fewer people who’d lived outside of Uruguay. But the Mercado was good, Cabo Polonia was accurate, the Estancia was cool. And I was glad to see some Chori-pan, late night street food of chorizo hot dogs!


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