An Apology

Bacon Wrapped Steak and Nitter Kibe Potatoes

Bacon Wrapped Steak and Nitter Kibe Potatoes

Sometimes life gets busy. No, not too busy for food (not in my life), but so busy that the important details pass you by. Last week I returned from three days of backpacking in the woods to find my camera perched on the kitchen counter, like it had just been taking blog photos while I was gone. I looked through the photos and saw that while I was eating unmentionable camping food, B had taken over blog photo duty and grilled himself a little treat.

What has this got to do with being busy?

As I admired the steak photos–everything’s better in bacon–I realized what a great foodie man I have.I thought back to when I first met him.  He claimed to hate pasta and Chinese food. It’s really pretty amazing we made it a month. But luckily I’ve never been one to give up and once I learned that the only Chinese food he’d had involved a buffet in DuPont, Washington, I remedied the situation. I smiled to myself, remembering this, now two years later he dives into hot pot and dan dan mien with as much zeal as I do…TWO YEARS LATER! Suddenly it hit me. I’d forgotten our anniversary.

So B, I’m sorry. I wish I could have been there for you to make me bacon wrapped steak and nitter kibe potatoes. Perhaps we can celebrate another time–but let’s stick with your fancy home cooking, because I saw the honey and napkins from your other dinner while I was gone. Thank’s Ezell’s Fried Chicken, for feeding my boyfriend.


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