Changing the Energy

Recently I wrote a very angry piece. It was mostly spurred on by having read the Stranger’s review of a hookah bar. But some not very nice things were said. Now there’s backlash and comments and commenting on the comments, and I’ll be honest, it stresses me out. Two diet coke’s and a Reese’s later. I’m calming down.

I never set out to offend anyone. I have met Ms. Leson and Mr. Kauffman before and had extended conversations with Ms. Kelly and Ms. Denn via email. All are not but the nicest people in the world. My criticism, though it might been less than kind, was more directed towards those above them.

In order to try to change my chi, or whatever the bad energy I’ve brought upon myself, I’ve decided to do a list of 5 things about the Seattle food scene I love. So, Bad Juju, BEGONE!

My New Favorite Local Blog: I recently discovered Pat My Butter. Though of late, Pat has mostly done restaurant reviews, by digging deeper there is a ton of great information and insight on the restaurant industry.

My New Favorite Seafood: I recently had the opportunity to try Yukon River Chum. Yes, chum, the nearly lowest rung on the salmon food chain. But this is different–I swear it melts in your mouth.

Best Recent Restaurant Experience: I attended the Corson Building’s picnic last Sunday. Biking down there at 3pm I thought I’d have a bite and move on. At 9pm when I tipsily mounted my cycle, many bottles of wine and an ungodly amount of roasted peanuts later, I was still licking my lips. I got to meet Wiley and Matt, the owners, hang out with Emily, one of the chefs, as well as with a number of wonderful people, many of whom I met that day. There should be a post coming on this.

Favorite New Beer: As I mentioned in my Racha post, I’m a huge fan of Laughing Buddha Brewery. Aside from their Pandan ale, they have an amazing ginger beer. Like a regular beer, but with ginger flavor–as oppose to non-alcoholic ginger beer.

Most Comforting Food Around: It might be 80 degrees here, I don’t care. When I get down, no matter the weather, I want to amble down the street to 7 Stars Pepper for a steaming bowl of hot pot. I know given my heritage I should be seeking out some Matzoh Ball Soup, but I grew up in Seattle. When I want comfort food, I want hot pot.

Amazing. I truly feel better. The world works in mysterious ways. I’d love to hear from anyone else on their 5 things they love. Thanks, Seattle.


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