Losing the Advantage at Duk Li Dim Sum

The advantage of not using carts at dim sum, as I’ve mentioned in some of my Vancouver dim sum posts, is that when you order, dishes can be steamed or fried to order. So when I heard that Duk Li, a new dim sum place in the ID was using the checklist order form, I was psyched. I had actually set out to try Szechuan Noodle Bowl, but that is closed on monday, and this was right down the street. Unfortunately for me, while Duk Li has you order off the sheet, everything is premade and precooked. I ordered a good variety of stuff. The pork and egg congee  was definetly old, missing the glutinous factor and acting more like rice soup. The flavor of the pork had a strange metallicness to it. I poured in a lot of hot sauce and made it a little ways through the bowl. Among the better options was the sticky rice dumpling. I didn’t know what to expect and I’m not sure where the sticky rice fit in, but the thing was basically an empty deep fried shell, but with a somewhat glutinous texture to the shell. Odd, but very good. The baked green onion bun was a similar success, flaky and slightly sweet.

Then things took a turn for the worse. Ordering the cilantro rice roll was probably my mistake, as beef or chicken rice rolls would have at least had flavor, but the strange texture of the rice made me think this was not its first time being steamed…The most dissapointing, however, may have been the taro cake. For years I was a turnip cake kind of girl, but recently, after a delicious taro cake, I’ve changed my ways. Expecting the usual flat square, pan fried cake, I ordered it. First of all, this cake was HUGE. It had been molded in a soup bowl or something. Second of all, it had not been fried, just steamed, so the whole thing had a gelatinous texture and lacked the flavor that the frying adds. Last of all there was cinnamon or some sort of spice that totally crashed and burned with the natural spice of the taro. I ate about one bite.

The whole thing was about $7, which really isn’t that much, especially since I easily ordered enough food for two people. Unfortunately when you consider I had to get more food shortly after because I couldn’t eat most of this…it adds up.

I did go on a monday. And they’ve only been open a short time. But I will be waiting for many confirmed good visits before I try this place again.

Duk Li Dim Sum on Superpages.com


3 Responses

  1. When I was in Hong Kong the Dim Sum places I went to were all off menu. It’s kinda weird not having the carts around, because even if the people I was with weren’t going to order chicken feet, I still like to sneak a peek at everything.

  2. […] first, and that panned out okay, but not quite where I wanted it. Though I did know right away that Duk Li was bad news. Yet, while I thought the food was excellent at New World, I’m worried that as […]

  3. If I were you, I’d definitely not go back to this place again. The food may be reasonable but the attitude of the workers there are horrible. And when one confronts them (in a reasonable tone) about their attitude, they will just point you to a sign on the wall which says something about them having the right to not serve certain people. They also use the excuse of language barrier and busy peak periods. Honestly, I do not know why they did this, probably because I did not know that they don’t accept debit/credit cards and so I left after I ordered my food to withdraw some money. Maybe me leaving the table created trouble for them. In any case, this unreasonable attitude is intolerable, I feel. They also gave me the wrong change and when I told them to give me the right change, they pretended they did not understand my mandarin and claimed that I was cheating money from them.

    In conclusion, I would rather not go back, it’s not like there are no other dim sum places in Seattle.

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