A Picnic at the Corson Building


Currants at Corson

Currants at Corson

When I decided to go to the Corson Building Picnic, I knew not what to expect–how was I to guess the confit would greet me from under its layer of silky white fat? I wasn’t sure if the food was going to be that good, could I have possibly guessed about the myriad of home made dips, including an amazing hummus? I debated if it would be worth the $25, if this was a good gamble, but that was before the huge chunks of salmon landed delicately in front of me.

What a lovely surprise I had in store, an afternoon of drinking wine with friends, new and old, of a little lillet in my cup and a plate full of fresh food. As we sipped chardonnay for five hourse, ’til the sun set, eating the peanuts, simply roasted and unbelievebly good, I thanked myself for making a good decision.


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