Olympic Eating

If there’s one thing I love as much as food, it’s the Olympics. I can’t explain it, I’m obsessed. My tivo is filled to bursting with running, jumping, swimming and uhhh…trampolining? I love the Olympics as much as I love Chinese food, which is to say…well, alot.

As annoyed as I am by NBC’s tape delay of everything–their primetime shows are mostly broadcasts of the previous days event and I already know the winner, I really do enjoy watching Bob Costas organize everything. Weird, right?

So last week, Mary Carillo, his correspondent for all things China does a segment on eating in Beijing. As expected, she goes to all the “shock me” foods, but here’s the clincher: She goes in to the restaurant, sits down, they serve her some (amazing looking, I might add) duck feet and she proceeds to make fun of them and later admits, she ADMITS that she didn’t eat them. All while having the look of a four year old being served brussel sprouts on her face. Wow.

I was all excited that they were doing a segment on the food, and while I knew it wouldn’t be the food porn of Anthony Bourdain in Beijing, or even the slightly nauseating act of watching Andrew Zimmern eat around the city, I figured it would be interesting to see what someone not used to eating such things said. Well, I guess I learned–she said no thanks!

I have to wonder what all the Chinese think of this. I mean, imagine someone walking in to say, Chili’s, with a video camera and what not, filming a host sitting down, ordering food and marveling over it for a bit, then getting up and walking away. Strange.


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