The Pride of the Plate


Sun Dried Caprese and Pesto Steak

Sun Dried Caprese and Pesto Steak

I’m proud of this plate. The picture doesn’t do it justice, mostly because our chinatown dollar store plates don’t exactly let the food be the highlight. But it truly was a beautiful dish. On the left is sun-dried tomato caprese salad, a wonderful alternative to a fresh caprese (because this was from before tomato season had arrived). Basically, fresh mozz, sun-dried tomatoes and a drizzle of good, aged balsamic. On the right is a round steak, seared in a pan with a little butter and topped with some cilantro-basil pesto. I had made the pesto (cilantro, basil, red pepper, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper) as a last ditch effort a to save some dying herbs a few days before. This whole assembly and cooking maybe took 5 minutes, which was great. 

Even with the minimal work put into it, as I lay it lovingly on the plate, I made an effort to make it look good. Yeah, we’d probably scarf it in front of the TV while paying no attention, but I know it tastes different if I make it look good. A cook who slops down their food doesn’t care how it tastes. A cook with limited resources and limited time who still cares about the taste of their food will take that time to lay it on the plate. 

Take a minute, look at your food. Look at the care that the chef put into the exact placement of that garnish, the layering of the vegetables. That chef? They care about the taste of their food.


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