A New Favorite Dim Sum Dish

I’ve mentioned before that I think the best dim sum in town is Tea Garden. It helps that it is a quick walk from my house, but all other things aside, it consistently turns out good dim sum. And it only bothers me a little bit that they still drop forks at the place settings of all white people.


Dim Sum Jellyfish

Dim Sum Jellyfish

One of my big requirements of a great dim sum is that I’m surprised by new dishes, so two weeks ago, I was thrilled when they offered me jellyfish. I had seen the dish before and long assumed that it was some sort of noodle, as on the cart it looks a lot like a plate of pad thai. The waitress offered it up and I immediately said yes. The noodle-like pieces have a texture that is not something many Americans would be used to. Somewhat jelly-like in mouth feel, but with a crisp crunch to it, almost like that of a bamboo shoot. The flavorings used on it brought to mind the seaweed salad that you get at sushi restaurants, or, as Lauren pointed out, a bit like Korean banchan. 

I love discovering a new dim sum dish to add to my choices on any given morning, and of course I went back the following weekend and ordered it again.


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  1. I think I have to go with you to Tea Garden at some point, because I’ve been a couple times and I haven’t seen anything that would get me to consider them a favorite.

    I mean it’s been alright, but nothing’s been anything better than your average place , and somethings haven’t been good at all. (to be fair, I guess I haven’t gone during Dim Sum hours and thus haven’t gotten the real experience…)

    I dig the chow mein they make with the thin noodles though.

    Also, I think one of my little brother’s friend’s dad is the chef there.

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